Meet the team behind Global Talent #5 Helge

Published on: 02 Oct 13:30

In this series we gonna share who behind the scenes is working on making this community great. We gonna start with our technical expert Helge.

Helge, tell us a bit about you.

I’m from Schleswig-Holstein and did an apprenticeship in information electronics. Afterwards, I was building mobile base stations throughout Germany, sometimes working more than 60h per week without being paid for overtime.So I saved some money, moved to Hamburg and decided to enter a higher education. I catched up on doing my advanced technical college certificate for being allowed to study. Now I’m studying Applied Information Technology.

What are you doing at Glolent?

I’m looking for new freelancers for doing jobs that our community cannot fill. When I found a new candidate, I let him do a coding challenge for checking his knowledge. I’m also responsible for technical issues within the team.

Apart from work, can you share with us one of your passions and are you able to combine it with remote work?

As a student I have to attend at lectures frequently, that’s why I’m in Hamburg most of the time. I have some fish tanks with prawns which also survive if I make a longer journey.

What do you think makes our international community of freelancers special?

As a startup, we’re still in the process of development and everybody can provide proposals for improvement. We live from the freelancer’s feedback. Before working for Glolent, I was employed by a custom service provider where the structures of the work process had been made in the 90s. Since than, there hasn’t been any improvement which made the work ineffective. It was very frustrating to work badly the whole day without being able to do anything about it.

What is that little piece of advice you would give somebody who wants to start out as a professional freelancer in his field or turning a location independent job in a remote one?

I know some informaticians who are dissatisfied with their 40h job. But they stay employees and only change the company instead of thinking about becoming independent. I try to motivate them for daring to take this step.

Short Q&A session:

3 most used apps:

teamviewer, spotify,

Coworking Space, Café or Home Office?

café, university or video conferences from home office

Networking Events or Books?


Favorite place in the world so far:

Bosnia-Herzegowina and Estonia

Carry-on or Suitcase:

carry-on luggage

Next thing you want to learn:

ruby on rails for being able to improve our homepage

Thanks for your time, Helge. Now check out the other team members.