Meet the team behind Global Talent #6 André

Published on: 03 Oct 10:29

In this series we gonna share who behind the scenes is working on making this community great. In this article we introduce our Podcast host and producer André.

André, tell us a bit about you.

I’m 46 and living in my caravan at the moment. I’m doing an European tour, currently I’m in Germany visiting my daughter who’s going to finish school next year. In autumn I’ll drive to a warm place in southern Europe. I grew up in Kaiserstuhl (near Freiburg) where I went to school and trained as a wholesale salesman. By the age of 25, I moved to North Frisia where spent there the last 21 years I did another apprenticeship as a child educator which allowed me to work 15 years as an exempted director in kindergartens. After a typical burn out in 2016 I wanted to follow a new career path. I did a six months training as a web developer. Thanks to that further education as well as to the input in forums and groups, I dared taking the step for becoming independent as a virtual assistant and web developer. Now I’m on the way since May 2018 and I already have some customers.
Behsaad found me in a Facebook group about Digital Nomads and contacted me. That’s why I’m here now. I’m very happy to be part of the team.

What is your vision regarding Glolent?

I’m preparing the new podcast for Glolent. My responsibility is the whole development process including to find a name, preparing the launch, etc. Thanks to the close cooperation within the team I feel supported at anytime in every area. It is really fun to be part of the team. Besides, I'm also going to moderate the german podcast and I'm already looking forward to interviewing many interesting people. If anyone feels concerned and wants to share his story about working remotely or freelancing, feel free to contact me:

Apart from work, can you share with us one of your passions and are you able to combine it with remote work?

I love reading; at the moment I’m using a kindle because I’m living in my caravan and don’t want to carry lots of books with me. Besides, camping is my favorite lifestyle. I enjoy the freedom of stopping anywhere in the nature - which is easily to combine with working remotely.

What do you think makes our international community of freelancers special?

The cohesion in the team is very special. Everybody knows what we’re talking about because we all have the same goal: living and working remotely.

What is that little piece of advice you would give somebody who wants to start out as a professional freelancer in his field or turning a location independent job in a remote one?

The keyword is connection. Connect with the people of your subject area and decide which offers you want to put in your portfolio. Besides, there are lots of facebook groups about working remotely where the exchange of information is usually pretty good.

Short Q&A session:

3 most used apps:

maps, park4night, Instagram

Networking Events or Books?

networking events

Favorite place in the world so far:


Carry-on or Suitcase:

carry-on luggage

Next thing you want to learn:

technical skills for the podcast

Thanks for your time, André. Now check out the other team members.