Advantages and disadvantages of remote work: What challenges are there?

Published on: 19 Nov 10:05

Remote work is becoming more and more popular because of its many advantages. Remote work does not mean to sit on the couch in the pyjama, drinking a hot cup of coffee with pleasure and occasionally opening the laptop. No, the opposite is the case! To provide some transparency, we want to mention some advantages and disadvantages, which can occur and surprise us at anytime.

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Let's start with the positive aspects of working remotely:

1. Local and temporal flexibility: For the most part, you have the freedom to schedule your working hours for the day as well as to change the workplace whenever and wherever you want. You do not have to ask for leaving if you have an appointment at the doctor’s, you can just take a short break and keep on working right after.
On Mondays you can work in a Café, on Tuesdays you can work from your terrace, Wednesday could be your day at home - just as you like. Beyond that, there is even the possibility to work abroad. Not everyone can speak of such a freedom of choice.

2. High satisfaction through work-life balance: The flexibility in terms of time and place can be better agreed upon for private and professional purposes. According to this, remote work is taking time and costs savings into account. It is considered to be family-friendly and with its time it is more and more tolerated. In addition, temporal and local independence promote a self-determined life and a significant contribution to the quality of life. Studies show that - compared to permanent employment in companies - the location-independent work makes the people even more satisfied and happier. The reasons for subscribing to certain professional requirements are above all freedom, flexibility and self-determination.

3. Higher productivity: In contrast to office work, a worker's performance cannot be controlled by the worked hours in the office, but only by the delivered results. By this you only work when your productivity is at its highest, because otherwise it would be only a waste of time. So if you are unproductive, you can take a break, do something else instead and continue working later during the day. Generally it is important to take regular breaks, which you unfortunately are more likely to forget if you are productive and if you don’t prescribe them before you start working.

Let's take a look at the other side of the remote working life:

1. Permanent availability: Because of this, leaning back after having finished the daily hours seems to be impossible, because you still have to be available though. Although it has been mentioned above that one it is possible to combine private and professional life with one and each other. Anyway there might be a mischief-maker as soon as … maybe the phone rings. Therefore, it is advisable to set fixed times before each work week and to comply with them consistently.

2. Internal organization and communication: Unlike in the office, communication is held online. Therefore the arrangements with the colleagues can be more difficult - favored by individual set working hours or even time zones. Or it could be that you haven’t met the colleagues - if one has - in person yet. So there is no physical get-together and team building through the Internet communication as it is often the case in the office. This could lead to loneliness but can be avoided through good communication. As the saying goes: Communication is the alpha and omega.

3. Internet connection: Locally you are free to choose where you place yourself. But important to mention is, that you must be ensured that you have access to good internet! The internet is the basis for efficient work, team calls and even more, if you work remotely as a freelancer. Often we don’t concern internet as a potential problem because it is always present and we take it for granted but sometimes it does surprise us! In some parts of the world the Internet does not meet the expectations of our standard even in first world countries… just keep it in mind and make sure that you won’t get surprised! A way out is an Internet stick or hotspot on the phone.


Pro = Contra and Contra = Pro. You have to decide for yourself

A little hint for you:

Even if you can work from home, it is a good thing to prepare yourself as you would dress up for the office... with the difference that you go somewhere else instead! You will be surprised to feel and experience the impact of working remotely in this way. So get ready: get out of your bed, put your nice clothes on and last but not least up to a coworking space, library, cafeteria or wherever you want! And you may be surprised to meet some like-minded people while you're trying this and enjoy the atmosphere.