Introduction of new tools and more - skill sessions

Published on: 03 Nov 10:27

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Did you already know?

Since the end of September we present you twice a month new tools during our online skill sessions. We want to provide you interdisciplinary insights into different topics.The spectrum extends from design, through programming, databases up to project management. You can follow the sessions live and for free as long as you belong to our community (become a member NOW!). Usually, the skill sessions take 20-30 minutes and are moderated by an expert. Questions can be asked at the end, there will be a 10-15 minutes question and answer session afterwards. Don’t worry if you should miss an interesting session. We’ll record them and upload them to Youtube, so you can watch them at any time you want.

You’ll find the last two sessions under the following links:

1. Software Developer Linton Ye with tips and tricks about the design tool “Framer X”:

2. Leon Strachan about the tool “Styletron”:

Other skill sessions, for example about the framework “Hadoop”, are available in our slack channel in #skill_sessions:

Are you curious about the next tools we are going to present you soon? Stay tuned…