Why should you work with us? For customers

Published on: 16 Jul 15:13

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We are not the only company recruiting freelancers for other enterprises. But we offer you 5 advantages making us unique. Check them out in the following text:

1. Handpicked freelancer community

We transfer you the best freelancers of the entire world through our selection process. First, we check their applications, then we interview them and let them make a test, afterwards we invite them to our community. When you send us a job offer, we search the person in our community that fits the best in/for your projects. Then we’ll let them know that you’re interested and connect you with each other. Our talents are wide-ranging, and we will help you make the optimal selection. Professionalism and quality are Global Talent’s brand essences.

2. Transparency

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Our business model is transparent for all parties. You’ll have access to all agreements and contracts at any time. We’ll charge you a commission of 10 – 15% to cover our costs. In some cases, our freelancers pay a monthly service fee and our customer incurs no additional costs.

3. Satisfied customers

Our customers are more than satisfied with our freelancers and work with us long-term.

Experience has shown that they value the quality and transparency of our company, working with us for an extensive period of time. Satisfied customers include Appics, Gruner and Jahr, MVP Factory, Floot and Shhared from Hamburg.

4. We're not only recruiters, but also community managers

In addition to placing the perfect freelancer in your project, we also deal with the individual needs and professional preferences of our members. As a community, we have regular member and online meetings and we support our freelancers far beyond just placing orders. If there are unexpected difficulties in completing an order, we also act as mediator and point of contact for both sides.

5. Carrying out demanding assignments

Global Talent freelancers are often engaged in tech, not only with customers, but also privately with innovative technologies; such as Machine Learning, AR, VR or Blockchain. Our many years of experience implementing start-up projects with edge technologies allows us to efficiently implement innovative projects with our freelancers, in compliance with budgets and time constraints.www.appics.com is an example of such a project implementation. With the help of our freelancers, the project implements an innovative Social Media app with a Blockchain based reward system.

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