Why should you work with us? For freelancers

Published on: 11 Jul 07:49

unsplash-logoAlex Kotliarskyi

There are a lot of portals for freelancers, which offer jobs. So what’s the advantage of working with US? Here are six reasons why:

1. You like the concept of Giving and Taking.

Since Global Talent is being developed by freelancers for freelancers, our emphasis on maintaining a strong, connected community remains very close to our heart. We discuss and support each other with everything freelance-related; from legal issues right up to technical problems and other challenges.Furthermore, we would like to meet up soon, for example at the Digital Nomad Festival (DNX). Check it out on our Facebook-Page!

2. You're tired of Job spamming.

You won’t have to search or apply for any job, because we’ll send you highly targeted job offers fitting your profile. But only when we know you are looking for a job, the offer suits you professionally and the working conditions are right for you. Then you decide if you’d like to do it, so we can recommend you to our client.

3. You like gaining extra money while sleeping.

You can get an additional, passive income by handing job offers, which you cannot accept, on to us. We will find a match within the Global Talent community and you will receive a commission for every successful placement.

4. You'd like to work from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Remote work is already very popular with freelancers. Nevertheless, there are still companies, which prefer freelancers being on the ground. Our goal is to advance remote work by cooperating with targeted companies, thus bringing our individual freelancers jobs that are an optimal match. Therefore, you can work from wherever you want to, be it in the garden, at the airport, on the couch…

5. You're sick of low paid jobs.

The good news: Remote work is becoming increasingly popular and common.

The bad news: This means also a rise of the price competition because freelancers have to compete with cheaper competition abroad.

Our solution: We make sure that our customers reward our freelancers with a reasonable daily rate and in return we’ll offer them the most experienced and professional freelancers.

6. You like clear and transparent methods.

Gerlent Transparenz

unsplash-logoOwen Beard

When you’ve joined our community, you will quickly notice that our concept is based on confidence. We have simple, transparent contracts and we clearly communicate our commissions and daily rates to all parties. We believe that mutual trust and transparency will lead to long-term cooperations, which are more valuable to us than short-term profit.

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