Meet the team behind Global Talent #1 Behsaad

Published on: 13 Aug 21:07

In this series we gonna share who behind the scenes is working on making this community great. We gonna start with our Co-Founder Behsaad.

Behsaad, tell us a bit about you.

I was born and raised in Berlin and passionate about video games and software development since I was a child. At age 12, I started developing my own games. As my goal was to pursue a career as a professional video game developer, I started studying IT in 2006 at Freie University in Berlin. In 2011 I graduated with my thesis topic “A Multiplatform RTS Game with Machine Learning AI” by developing my own real life strategy game for iPads. You can check out the full thesis here:

I worked for two years as a professional game and lead developer for the online game in Hamburg. My growing expertise attracted some great freelance clients such as Otto, Gruner und Jahr as well as other digital agencies in Hamburg. As I was working for them for a couple of years, I was keen to establish a network for freelancers in Hamburg so we could suggest jobs for each other. Eventually, Gerlent and Glolent were founded in 2016 and 2018 out of this project.

What is your vision regarding Glolent?

The demand of more flexible work solutions is growing and I contribute to this by fowarding well-paid jobs, preferably doable remote, in our communities Gerlent and Glolent. Personally, I appreciate the flexibility as a freelancer, I have more than one work project and client, which automatically leads to growth regarding my skills and expertise.

Moreover, I would like to ensure a certain job security and exclusive access to interesting projects and jobs. By doing this, people are able to keep the advantages of freelancing and reduce disadvantages such as the permanent search for new clients and the job insecurity in contrast to full-time jobs.

On top of that, our goal is to have an active, personally supported community with a focus on quality and trust. It’s not the goal to create the next big agency, but instead being the best provider in the field of personal support, exclusiveness, quality and service.

Apart from work, can you share with us one of your passions and are you able to combine it with remote work?

I really like Standup Comedy, Comics and TV series such as Silicon Valley, Rick and Morty, Futurama, Simpsons. That helps me to relax after work. Moreover, non-fiction books such as Sapiens, Homo Deus and management books from Peter Drucker, Tom Peters etc . inspire me and keep me on track about the latest developments in the world.

What do you think makes our international community of freelancers special?

I believe that the mix of personal support plus the opportunity to be part of a network of professional freelancers is unique indeed. Some of our freelancers are in the community since the very beginning two years ago and could see it growing from 10 to 150 members in our internal slack channel.On top of that, our open book policy* is appreciated a lot. We get great feedback and some members even refer us so we get access to new clients.

What is that little piece of advice you would give somebody who wants to start out as a professional freelancer in his field or turning a location independent job in a remote one?

If you’re already experienced, it makes sense to be part of a cohesive community like Gerlent for networking with recruiters and getting suitable offers. My experience has shown that this is the most effective way.

Short Q&A session:

3 most used apps: WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack
Networking Events or Books?

Books: Sapiens, The Excellence Divident, Letters from Seneca
Networking Events: Bits and Pretzels, Startup Weekend, Hackathons

Favorite place in the world so far:

Japan: High-tech parallel world with an interesting culture, language and good cuisine.

Carry-on or Suitcase?

Always carry-on baggage. A lot of stuff can be bought on the spot and donated on departure. Makes more sense to me than carrying a big suitcase.

Next thing you want to learn:

Developping autonomous robots, biomedial engineering, electronic cars and drones.

Thanks for your time, Behsaad. Now check out the other team members in the next article.

*open book policy: As one of the key values of our communities is transparency, we enable access to all contracts and agreements.