Meet the team behind Global Talent #2 Nayelli

Published on: 22 Aug 15:03

In this series we gonna share who behind the scenes is working on making this community great. We gonna start with our Online Marketing Intern Nayelli.

Nayelli, tell us a bit about you.

I’m 23 and from Germany (Bamberg). Due to my mexican roots I’ve been traveling a lot to Mexico from the earliest age. After graduating from school I’ve been there for half a year. I’ve always felt at home in both countries and I guess that’s the reason why I love traveling and why I never stay in one place for a very long time. During my studies in Germany (Languages And Business Administration) and my obligatory internship in France, I decided, that I would definitely not go the “usual” career path. My threemonth journey to Asia even reinforced this wish. As soon as I had finished university (only six weeks ago!), I was already applying for an internship at Glolent. Since then, I’m on the way - at the moment, I’m living in La Coruña, directly on the northern Atlantic coast of Spain. Alongside my studies, I’m working in a surfschool and bar for saving board and lodging costs. I’ll stay here until...well, actually I don’t know. I never plan more than one week ahead, that’s why my further plans will arise spontaneously.

What are you doing at Glolent?

I’m responsible for the online marketing - my main task is creating blog- and facebookposts.

Apart from work, can you share with us one of your passions and are you able to combine it with remote work?

I love surfing! But unfortunately, there are very few waves in Germany. That’s why I have to travel around for my hobby - which is another passion of mine. For that reason I chose this lifestyle. It’s not enough for me to go surfing only two weeks a year and working the rest of the year in one fixed place. I want to combine both and live my dreams NOW, before it’s too late.

What do you think makes our international community of freelancers special?

The sense of community. Everyone helps and supports each other and you feel comfortable among like-minded people. That’s especially important when your trusted environment doesn’t agree with your professional decisions and when you start having doubts about it. BUT! Don’t give up! Don’t listen to anybody but you. Make your own experiences and go your own way, no matter how “unusual” or “insecure” it is. Otherwise you’ll regret it one day.

What is that little piece of advice you would give somebody who wants to start out as a professional freelancer in his field or turning a location independent job in a remote one?

In my opinion, you should not quit your day job as long as you don’t have another secure foothold. You can start building your independence besides working for your current job. As soon as you have enough reserves, you are ready to quit and to focus on freelancing.

Short Q&A session:

3 most used apps:

WhatsApp, Blinkist (book summaries), Calm (meditation)

Coworking Space, Café or Home Office?

All of them! As long as there is variety :)

Networking Events or Books?

I haven’t been to a networking event yet. But I love reading books. My personal recommendations: Boarderlines (it’s about a guy from Germany who’s been travelling 10 years around the world for following his passion - surfing. True and amazing story!)

Favorite place in the world so far:
Indonesia (‘Aku cinta Lombok’! -> which means ‘I love Lombok’)

Carry-on or Suitcase:

Definitely Carry-on baggage! I’m fan of minimalism since I’ve been travelling to Asia with my hand blender in my huge suitcase...worst idea ever!

Next thing you want to learn:

Primary, I wanna become a very good surfer. But I’m also interested in learning Yoga, NLP, Photoshop, Portuguese and Indonesian.

Thanks for your time, Nayelli. Now check out the other team members.