Meet the team behind Global Talent #4 Melissa

Published on: 11 Sep 21:02

In this series we gonna share who behind the scenes is working on making this community great. We carry on with our project manager Melissa.

Melissa, tell us a bit about you.

Originally, I come from a small village in Thüringen and studied “Languages and Business Administration” with a major on Business Spanish. In my Master’s program I decided to focus on Human Resources Management - the topic of my Master thesis was “Cultural Diversity in Global Virtual Teams - an Asset or a Liability?”. Because of the opportunity to integrate semesters abroad in my courses, I already live kind of nomadic since I’m 20. I studied or worked a couple of months in cities such as Bangkok, Barcelona or Santiago de Chile. Next to that, I always used the opportunity to explore the places with my backpack. This is how I learned that some people earn money with travel blogs or by having their own online business. About one and a half years ago I started to network with digital nomads and accepted my first freelance jobs in the field of copy-writing, translation and project management. At the moment I do enjoy my freedom without any home base. Next destination is Lisbon, where a big conference for digital nomads will take place.

What are you doing at Glolent?

I am responsible for our international community Glolent. On an operative level, I am involved in the recruiting process of new candidates, I manage the onboarding process and the community engagement. Moreover, I am the supervisor of our intern and coordinate freelancers in our internal team who do independent projects for our startup. On a strategic level, we are integrating a new marketing concept in our processes and create a welcome package for our community members at the moment.

Apart from work, can you share with us one of your passions and are you able to combine it with remote work?

I love travelling, discovering new places and self development on all levels. I read a lot of books about it. I also enjoy networking with like-minded people who are into self development, online business and digital nomadism. For relaxation I prefer long walks in the nature.

What do you think makes our international community of freelancers special?

Our community is not only opening new doors regarding freelance jobs, but also by the opportunity to get in touch and exchange knowledge with other freelancers. We don’t automate HR processes like in an agency, but instead consider personal contact as vital and take over the role of mediators in the case of any challenges between client and freelancer.

What is that little piece of advice you would give somebody who wants to start out as a professional freelancer in his field or turning a location independent job in a remote one?

If you already have the necessary skills in your preferred work field, I would definitely recommend you to get in touch with other freelancers or people with remote jobs, for example here in our community or by joining one of the many facebook groups, where people have similar goals and challenges.

Short Q&A session:

3 most used apps:

Whatsapp, Instagram, Spotify/Podcasts

Networking Events or Books?

Both. Books I recommend about business are “Start with why” by Simon Sinek and “Unverkäuflich” by Bobby Dekeyser.

Favorite place in the world so far:

Thailand, because I loved the food and the variety of big city jungle and beach paradises.

Carry-on or Suitcase:

carry-on - I’m a minimalist.

Next thing you want to learn:

Writing amazing texts. Online Marketing.

Thanks for your time, Melissa. Now check out the other team members.