How and where to find your dream client

Published on: 17 May 15:00

„When there are 10 rabbits on the field and the dog doesn’t focus on only one rabbit, he will run around aimlessly and not catch any rabbit in the end.” What does it mean, transferred to freelancing? When you try to address everybody, you'll reach nobody. But by addressing only one, you’ll reach each individual who is close to your dream client. So, what can you do? Reject 80% of your customers for focusing on the most important one? Wouldn’t you make lots of losses? No, on the contrary, and at the most only for a short period. A lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs have too many unstable clients they don’t wanna let go. Instead of risking a drop in sales for a short amout of time, they prefer working for people who don’t suit them. Others fear boredom, if they focus on one area, because of the lack of diversity. But it depends on the type of positioning and on the way you define the details. It is much rather the case that the specification on a certain target group leads to more market power and sales, and therefore to more fun at work. What are you waiting for? Go and chase your dream rabbit…I mean, dream client! But how and where can you find him?

coffeebeanworks on Pixabay

How to identify a good client

A good client has the same expectations of your cooperation as you. He asks you about your conditions and price, instead of stipulating you something, correcting everything steadily and trying to get the price down. Besides, he has enough money for paying you, because he values quality more than a low price. In the best case, he recommends you and pays on time, without you having to remind him about it. It’s also important, that he gives you positive as well as negative feedback. It will help you to improve your service and to progress, thus, no feedback is worse than a negative one. Finally, you’ll recognize a good client, if there’s sympathy and a good chemistry. Therefore, it’s not so difficult to identify a good customer. But, how can you find him? And where?

Sort your clients out

Take a look at your actual customers: What are their advantages and disadvantages? What do you like about them and what annoys you? Who appeals to you and who doesn’t? Who pays fairly and on time? Whose projects do you like the most? Who needs you the most? Who recommends you to others? Give your customers marks from A-G. The ones with the grade A and B are your potential dream clients. Compare them to each other and note down their similarities, like age, sex, lifestyle, preferences, problems, etc.

Define your dream client precisely

When you finished with categorizing your actual customers, you are not done yet. Now you have to ask yourself the following questions about your dream client:

Where do you find your dream client and how do you get to know him even better?

Now you know have an idea of how your dream client should be. But where can you find him?

Birds of a feather flock together: Go to networking meetups, conferences, fairs, discussions and other events where your dream clients hang around. You know your dream client, so you also know, where he spends most of the time. Go to those events and approach your potential dream clients!

If you already have many customers, you can hold a survey, for getting to know them better. You can ask them the following questions for example (concerning your product/service):

The answers to these questions will help you to adapt your service even better to you customers and to find more dream clients. And those, again, might know other dream clients with the same issues and can recommend you to them!